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I was really unhappy with my smile. I didn't like smiling, I used to cover up my mouth.



Denchic Dental Spa

I came to see Dr Gill to discuss some concerns I had about my teeth. I was never really happy with my smile, and quite often covered my mouth. I really didn’t want to go for metal braces to correct my upper teeth, and after speaking to Dr Gill I chose to move forward with 6 months smiles. It was the best decision of my life!

In 6 months, I had straight teeth…I couldn’t believe it! I have received so many compliments on my teeth since having treatment completed. I now enjoy smiling so much more and my confidence has soared. My job involves a lot of presentations and client faced meetings and I can say that I no longer feel self conscious at work. I was also pregnant whilst having my treatment completed, and Dr Gill was very careful and courteous throughout the process.

I am a fussy individual who is careful about the treatments and services she chooses, and I can honestly say Denchic is a wonderful, wonderful practice. It’s organised, the staff is amazing and welcoming and the care is outstanding. I recommend Denchic to everyone, the dentists, nurses and front desk team are lovely and their service is the best I’ve seen.

Denchic Dental Spa

I would like to write to say how HAPPY I am with the home whitening treatment. It is only day 6 but already my teeth are more white than they have ever been in my life. I feel like I have a new smile! This treatment really does work and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Dr Gill and team.

Mrs R DK, Lecturer 4.5
Denchic Dental Spa

I have always enjoyed good oral health but had been unhappy with my smile for a very long time. No one noticed that I didn’t show my teeth when smiling and that had become subconscious behaviour for me. I had Madonna-esque gaps in my front teeth and I disliked them immensely, but I had got used to living with them as no dental professional had ever suggested that I could do something about them and I was never too keen on the idea of braces as a teenager.

On a visit to Denchic earlier this year for a periodic check-up, I had the good fortune of an appointment with Dr Gill. Firstly, I must say what a thoroughly professional and highly conscientious practitioner Dr Gill is. He and his team took every step to make my visit to the surgery as comfortable and purposeful as possible. Dr Gill is very reassuring and gentle and maintains good dialogue with his patients, removing any of the customary dread from dental appointments.

Mrs K, London 4.5